The Female Veteran Podcast Episode

"Only Through The Friction Of That Can You Find A New Path Forward" Author Alicia Dill Shares Her Experience In The Army National Guard

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Crime Beat Radio - Interview with Ron Chepesiuk


Ron interviews Alicia about Beyond Sacrifice  and her background as an Army soldier, journalist and author. 

The Brook Reading Podcast - Interview with Melissa


Melissa interviews Alicia about Beyond Sacrifice  and gives readers a chapter by chapter synopsis to entice potential readers. No ending spoilers! 

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In the Talk of Iowa IPR interview, Alicia speaks with Charity Nebbe about Squared Away and what it means to be a female veteran. Click link above to hear it.

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In 2013, Alicia was interviewed by KCRG-TV9 about her Army experience and the historic decision for women in combat roles. 


Army Wives Network Show

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How much is too much? Soldiers often come home from a deployment and want to go back. They give so much of themselves to a country and may not know when to say “I’ve given enough”. This is a major theme in the book Beyond Sacrifice.

Don’t you love the imperfect hero – the character where you can see bits of yourself in them? Alicia Dill enjoys writing characters that are both protagonists and antagonist. Because in reality – we are all a bit of both.

- Episode  897 

Writer's Block - LA TALK RADIO

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Richard and Bobbi Jean's interview with writer Alicia Dill was fun, informative and interesting. The team did a great job of covering the void left by me when I took the night off. Give a listen right here!!!


Women of the Military Podcast

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"Joining the Army While Still in High School - Episode 43