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Let's go back.

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I'm realizing a few things about my writing as I navigate the world of putting myself out there. It's hard to send your work out into the universe and wait for feedback. That tricky voice of the reader who can make or break your pride in your work. Even temporarily. How can we decide to dig deeper and share when so much of this world is on the surface.

I'm going to live this moment. I will enjoy the struggle of reviews, sales, events and hearing the result of so many years of labor. I've decided to go back in time and remember the young girl that first heard praise for her work. For the inner children in all of us, I'm going to live this moment.

My challenge to you, go back to the dreams you had as a kid, dust them off and see if the experience and resources you have now can help you achieve them.

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